New Staplers

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Rapid 105E Electric Stapler

This stapler adapts to production and industrial settings where strength, operational reliability and flexibility are required. It has a power level adjustment dial. Optional
plug-in foot pedal available. Uses Rapid 66/6-1/4″ and 66/7-9/32″ and 66/8-5/16″ staples.

Rapid 106E Electric Saddle Stapler

This is two staplers in one with the same functions as the 105E. With easily interchangeable insert staplers, the Rapid 106E can handle both flat/saddle stapling
and loop stapling. Produced for work places where sheets and brochures are to be stapled. Includes Worktable, and Foot Pedal. Uses Rapid 66/6-1/4″ and 66/7-9/32″ and 66/8-5/16″ staples.

Rapid 5050E Electric Desktop Stapler

This stapler holds a coil of 5,000 staples and staples up to 50 sheets with a flat neat clinch. The driver and staple former blade are located in the staple cassette, which
means each time you replace the cassette, you are replacing the wearable parts. Other convenient features include adjustable stapling depth and an early low staple
warning light. Optional foot pedal available. Uses R5050-5M staple cartridge.

Rapid 5080E Electric Desktop Stapler

Just like the Rapid 5050E, except this staples up to 80 sheets with a flat bypass clinch. Uses R5080-5M staple cartridge.

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